Getting Started (progress)


This week we took, what we consider to be, a huge step forward. The base of our boat is finally coming together!.. (Thanks to Cody 🙂 ) On Monday, we went to Big R and bought a huge sheet of cattle panel. Although it was a lot more than we actually needed, we figured that if we screw up our first attempt we can use the remaining piece of panel to try again. Mike, Whitni’s dad, had to come and help us move the panel back to the high school, considering it was much too big to fit in, or on top of, Cody’s car. Once we moved the panel down to the shop area, class was over. But at least we had our materials! Tuesday was the day when we figured out the dimensions for our boat base. We decided the best width for the bottom of the boat was four metal intersections across and each side was three metal intersections high so that we can see out of the side but will still prevent water from pouring over the sides. Wednesday, we were both absent. 😦 Thursday, Mr. Grimsley wasn’t present at school so we were not able to weld, but on Monday we plan on welding the front and back of the boat together so that we can begin taping and floating as soon as possible.



WE LOVE OUR BOAT! We can’t wait to test it out. (:


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