Success, and failure…

This week we were finally able to give our new PVC pipe a trial with the fire, it was a success, sort of. There is no flaws in the flames aspect of the project, but we can’t find a music source loud enough to create the vibrations necessary to give us a decent wave. At first we thought perhaps it was our small 2″ speaker not producing a loud enough sound, so we modified a larger subwoofer to play from a 2.5mm headphone jack, this gave us the same outcome: not loud enough sound. We have come to the conclusion that the problem stems from the audio source and that our phones/ iPods weren’t driving enough power to our speaker or sub-woofer. Our group is going to go back and try and “fabricate” an adapter so we can connect the smallish 2″ speaker to a larger power source and see if that will produce a louder sound, if not we will attempt the same with the larger sub-woofer. Our group is hoping this change will let us post a post entitled simply “Success!” Next week.

Here is a video of our fire success!


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