Quadcopter Group

We finally made a break through this week. We programmed the ESC’s and then connected the ESCs to the propellers and to the motherboard and we have a working remote control. Yesterday we tested our receiver, to see if we had connected it correctly.  We also wanted to check our range, which is very impressive by the way!!!

In the beginning we were having trouble with our motherboard, we found out that the black wire has to be facing out. After we figured that part out, our motherboard read “Armed“, and Jacob figured out that that meant we could fly it.  It has taken our group a month to get everything programmed and working, so this was a huge success.

While Trevor, Mandi, and Steven have been working on the programming aspect, me and Jacob have been working on the base that the propellers will sit on and how we will connect them all to the Kinex base. Today Trevor soldered the wires of the ESC we have programmed together.

All in all, we have made great progress this week!


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