Its up and floating!

Our Boat:)

Our boat launch was very successful. We managed to fit three people in our boat without it sinking. We had some suspicion near the end that it might not work, but it proved to be very sturdy and stayed afloat for quite a while until it was “accidentally” tipped near the end. We are very proud of the results. We worked diligently, taping every single day and it proved to be more than worth the wait and the work. After completing this project, we are eager to start our next one! We have a couple ideas. Our most popular proposal, as of the current moment, is to attempt to create a musical stairs system. Each stair will represent a different key and will in turn produce the sound that corresponds to that key. We are planning on creating this within our school. Statistics of past versions of this project have shown that when the stairs appear to look like a keyboard, 66% of people will choose them over an escalator or elevator. Although, we don’t have either one of these in our school, by making the stairs more fun to walk on, more people will want to take them, therefore making a healthier society for everyone. So let’s decrease obesity! Haha.
Another project idea that is a possibility for next semester is a nail/dart sniper. It looks like a lot of fun and a little dangerous and as you know, Whitni, Cody and I live on the edge. 🙂 There is also a water bottle rocket project that looks like it could be decently simple and interesting. We will keep you posted as to what our decision is. It all depends on availability, I suppose. So, we’ll see.


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