Piano Stairs (Basics)

Most of the time Abby is the one who does the writing portion of the blog while Cody and I pitch in ideas of what to post about. This time its switched, I (Whitni) am doing this post, so please do not judge how well this is written, Abby is by far the better writer! Any how on to the project that we are now attempting. Piano Stairs! So far we have learned that we know nothing! Come to find out thats not a bad thing, this is a learning process kind of project. Cody is the one who has a basic knowledge into coding. Abby and I are learning little by little everyday. We had a friend of ours decode some of the code into a simpler form (English!). He e-mailed it to Abby the other day. That is now one less thing we have to do for this project. We still have to figure out what codes go where, but at least we have the codes now! So far into our project we have been able to get basic ideas on how to use the raspberry Pie and the Arduino board. There is still so much more that has to be done, it will take time and patients, now we at least have all of the supplies we will need to get this project up and going. We will keep you posted week to week on out progress. Some weeks may be better than others but just remember we are learning while putting this all together! 🙂


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