New Beginnings

Well, this is Mandi! All by herself! But don’t worry, I’m ok! I decided to work on my own physics project! The quadcopter turned into a no go, and now I am going for a more artsy track in the study of physics. So, to begin my wonderful adventure, I took an idea from Mr. Ludwig and decided to try and make a mobile.  For those of you don’t know what this is, here are a few BEAUTIFUL examples…



I only can hope to make something this awesome! But the real trick to this is that it is in some sort of equilibrium! I have yet to figure out how that happened, but I may eventually.  So, as you may have guessed, the key to a mobile is making sure everything is in equilibrium.  So, now I get to experiment.

Since I only started this project yesterday, I’m not super far.  Yesterday I succeeded at research a getting a wooden pole in equilibrium. I attached a string to it by tying something rather short of a boy scout knot!  Sadly, it escaped my mind to take a picture of this beautiful pole! Why can’t I just take a picture now, you may ask?  Well, here is what it looks like at the moment…

photo 2

Such amazing equilibrium, right?  That’s ok, you don’t have to say yes, and please feel free to laugh! For those you who know me, you know I have a super short attention span.  I attached a second layer to my mobile, but only did so on one side, so it looks a little funky! Then, I realized I hadn’t wrote my blog post for the week, so that is where I left it.  Don’t worry, it will look better later (at least that is the hope)!  Here is a poorly drawn picture (I’m not a future artist) of the master plan!

photo 3

The circles are some artsy objects I have yet to find! And, of course this picture shows my mobile in perfect equilibrium, which may be a little difficult to achieve! But, trust me, when I do achieve such a thing, the blog will be the first to know!


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