The Mobile

So, I have spent the last two weeks feeling very unsuccessful, and that may be because I was! For a while, I spent my days moving string millimeters along a wooden pole in hopes of finding equilibrium, only to come back the next day and find my mobile out of whack yet again!  So, I did a little research to see if I could find a way to calculate equilibrium before even hanging my pole (also, my smart teacher suggested this at the beginning and foolish me put it to the back of her mind until now…). And, I think I found the way (that is coming in a little bit).  However, I cannot take all the credit for myself.  I was wandering the web one day, not expecting to find any sites that I hadn’t already read and I cam across this little beauty!  It is a literal “How-To” for building mobiles! Why I hadn’t found this in my previous extensive google searches, I have no idea (stupid internet)!  But one of the most interesting things I noticed from this site is, at the bottom, it shows this glorious picture…

mobile curve vs flat

I had spent what felt like most of life (truly just about 9 days) trying to find a very exact balance point, and I didn’t feel like it anymore! So, I will be using curves for my mobile.  The only problem was that I would need some sort of wire that I could use for a curve.  The answer: a wire hanger.  So, I took a hanger from my house (without telling my mom because those seem to be a specialty in my house) and unbent it and turned it into the perfect thing for my mobile. YAY!


Isn’t it pretty (you can plead the 5th on that one)? But, now I will move onto the interesting part: how I am going to calculate equilibrium.  If you looked at the site I mentioned before you would have found this great picture…

So, this really doesn’t make much sense with out and explanation, so prepare yourselves for one! The point of a mobile is so that A and B are equal weight.  So, whatever I put on side A has to be the weight on side be.  So, by using ratios I should be able to calculate my equilibrium with out trial and error (this is very hopeful). I will make sure that the length ratios for each side of my mobile are the same.  For example is my top curve has a ratio of 2:1 (meaning that where the string lands, one side is double the length of the other) then all the curves below it will have the same length ratio.  Then, I can come up with a weight ratio as well.  I’m just not that far yet, but you will know when I get there!


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