Yet more progress on “The Machine”

Our Rube Godberg machine is coming together. So far, we have successfully chained 3 of our simple machines together in a fluid sequence. Also, we worked on the fourth section to add on to it. Our plan is to use a toy car on a ramp to propel the machine forward. Here is what it looks like:





The plan is thus: Our nerf gun shoots weights off the left side of the wooden see-saw. The see-saw tips over due to the new weight discrepancy. A hinge with a popsicle stick attached is screwed into the top of the left block of wood. The tipping see-saw flips the popsicle stick 180 degrees. The popsicle stick then nudges the small blue car on the left (hard to see), thereby making it roll down our car track.

We now need to figure out what our blue toy car will be doing in the machine, and connect it to another simple machine. Progress!

Foreshadow: Is there a home-made Newtown’s Cradle in the future?!?


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