Lava Lamp/Bottle rocket help-a-long

In this project another group decided to try and make a lava lamp using alka seltzer  and vegetable oil and water and food dye. They allowed us to piggy back along and help out. So what was happening was there was a two leter bottle that we took and filled it halfway with water then took food coloring and put vegy oil in the other half then inserted alka seltzer tablets and as they fizzed they made water bubbles that were colored push up into the oil then go back down sense the water separated and sat below the oil. The problems that we had challenged in this project was there weren’t enough supplies so we had to down grade bottles to a smaller one which led to a gatorade bottle. Then we ran out of oil so we had to go and borrow more from the kitchen. Then we almost ran out of food coloring but mrs.Roberson is nice enough to lend us some of hers that she had in her room. This project was fun and it was really cool to see the water balls move through the oil like that.


The next project we helped with was the blowing up of a bottle. We used vinegar, baking powder and some alka seltzer. We took a 2 leter bottle and went outside and mixed them into the bottle and placed it in the parking lot. Then we noticed that the bottle stopped making pressure and didn’t explode. This sucked so we had to go out and throw the bottle around until it kept making pressure. Well it started hissing and i took it and threw it up and it hit the ground blew off the cap and then blasted off faster than anyone expected it to. It went so fast that if you weren’t paying attention to the bottle or blinked you would have missed it. This is always a fun project to do because it involves some sort of boom. I had a lot of fun being apart of this project.


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