Prairie Dog Trap (Box Trap)

Within the last month and a half we had created a prairie dog trap. We attempted to create the “box trap” because there was a need for it in our community church for a spoof play that they were presenting for a fund raiser to help with the mission trip they were going on. The trap took us about a month to develop. That included the plan and design and the building. When building the trap there was lots of wood that we happen to use. We would use plywood as a bottom base to help keep the trapped in4/4. We had this bottom because of the fact that prairie dogs can dig, so that was used to prevent that. 2/4’s, 2/6’s and also we used to make the top part. We made something like a box but the bottom was the large platform. Using chicken wire was handy just so that way it made it more realistic trap. We made it so that way it was like an alligators mouth. Then the prairie dog would inter the trap then it would close down. The hinges is what made that possible. Some of our struggles were that we couldn’t decide on a way to make the trap shut. There is so many ways that the trap couldn’t of been sprung. We wanted to go with a pulley way. What we did was tied a rope on a 2/4 that held the upper part of the trap up. We were able to pull it with the rope to make it close. This happen to be useful, and highly affective. The trap was a success and we had a lot of fun and helped out the church!


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