Rick and Morty

With this project, which we didn’t Finnish, the plan was to pick out every form of science type of adventure within the episodes. There was things from portal gun, dream time travel, and some other fun science types like that. One thing that we know of would happen to be the dream travel. The explanation that was told within the show was that, if you were to go into a dream the time would slow down 100 tenths of a second. Rick and Morty would go in to dream then into another dream within the current dream that they are in. Time in the first dream was at no motion or slowed down  a lot. The first dream which was the objective in the first place was slowed down to 400 times a second, they used this amount of time to fix problems that Mortys father had produced. That is as far as we had got with the project. We had published it to youtube but within the process it had gotten ruined and the video no longer plays as of where it stands. It was enjoyable and there was a lot of fun within doing this project.


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