Quadcopter Group

We finally made a break through this week. We programmed the ESC’s and then connected the ESCs to the propellers and to the motherboard and we have a working remote control. Yesterday we tested our receiver, to see if we had connected it correctly.  We also wanted to check our range, which is very impressive by the way!!!

In the beginning we were having trouble with our motherboard, we found out that the black wire has to be facing out. After we figured that part out, our motherboard read “Armed“, and Jacob figured out that that meant we could fly it.  It has taken our group a month to get everything programmed and working, so this was a huge success.

While Trevor, Mandi, and Steven have been working on the programming aspect, me and Jacob have been working on the base that the propellers will sit on and how we will connect them all to the Kinex base. Today Trevor soldered the wires of the ESC we have programmed together.

All in all, we have made great progress this week!


Quadcopter group, progress has been made!!!

Ok so we last left off where we told you that were working on building a base, and so we began with a little prototype like this!

bad quad base


And we thought that this would be a good first base, but we soon realized that with thrust and all the weight in the middle that this would just simply not do it! So we began thinking…and if you recall we just finished building several different structures and carnival rides with “K’nex” and Trevor thought that we could use those to freehand a structure! and with no instructions at all this was a very daunting task! But through a series of trials and errors we finally figured out a very sturdy, efficient base that fits everything perfectly! The end product looked like this!



So through many struggles all week we have created this solid base that is ready to now place the motors, ESC’s, motherboard etc. We have gotten all the wires that we need to actually connect all of the pieces together except for one piece that connects the battery to everything, and that is coming in within the next few days!


Quadcopter Group Week 7

To start off this week, we received our parts that we had ordered.  We had received our blades, motors, ESC’s, Control Board, Receiver, and the controller.  We took out our pieces and saw that these pieces were much more complicated than we had originally anticipated.  The parts fit together smoothly but the ESC’s seemed to have needed to be programmed to be able to lead a charge to the motors as we tried an experiment seeing if the motors would receive a charge from the battery with the ESC’s as the connectors.  That’s going to take a little research as to find out how to program them to our liking.

We also tried to figure out what we are going to do with the frame since we didn’t order any parts to construct a frame.  We started out looking at our original for our starting product and went from there.  Our original frame  consisted of two dowels that were intersecting each other in the middle.  With this idea in mind, we decided that our first prototype frame would consist of two dowels combined next to each other while still intersecting two dowels.  With this, we still have a long ways to go before we reach our initial goal of flight.

But now we can be super productive, with all of our pieces! Yay!


Quadcopter Crew, UNITE!!!

OUR STUFF IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!












BUT, we don’t actually have it yet.  I know, right!? It is officially in La Junta, Colorado, it just hasn’t reached the high school yet! This means that we know officially can re-start project Quadcopter!  YAY!!!!!!!


In the mean time, Steven has still working on understanding the motion app he was working with.  Fortunately, this involved a flying water jug.  Now, this wasn’t our project so I’m not sure about all the science behind it.  But, the important part is my funny faces are the bottom and the fact that the jug flew just like it was supposed to.  At this time, it doesn’t break the sink, but at a later point it will.

This is how Steven has been breaking in the motion app!

All that is left is a warning.  Be prepared for next week’s post, because the Quadcopter crew is back! 🙂


The Not-So-Quadcopter Quadcopter Team! (Week 6)

Our group is understanding a component of quantum physics that most scientists today cannot even fathom!! What is it, you say? It is the ability of something to move, but go no where, at the same time! Well, at least it feels that way anyway.

This week, we are once again waiting for our parts to come in. They are on a, presumably exciting, trip from Hong Kong….to JFK Airport….to Jamaica, New York (and all without a passport, no less!). With any luck, before next semester, we might receive our stuff. Hopefully.

In the meantime, we have been keeping ourselves busy with Kinex. We are starting to apply physics concepts to our Ferris wheel and roller coaster. There is one app, “Video Physics” that allows us to record the motion paths of a moving object, as well as graphically represent speed, velocity and displacement. It is very neat! Check out one sample of our work:

Link here!!

We will continue to work with the app, and eventually get information regarding projectile motion, and circular motion. We have a couple….really awesome…. Ideas for side experiments to capitalize on these ideas. In the long run, this will help us obtain proficiency in motion capturing – ultimately a beneficial component to our quadcopter analysis.


The Quadcopter Team (Week 5)

This week, we found out that our parts may take up to 45 days to get here, so after we had our moment of anger and slight depression (an exact quote: “WHY!?!?!?!?!”), we moved on and continued to “learn” by using the Kinex. We finished the 6 foot tall Double Ferris Wheel,

and have moved onto another project. This one will be a Roller Costar that is also pretty big, and we’ve been having fun while building it too

Of course Trevor and Jacob have been spearheading this adventure, they just seem to have a knack for this type of thing. We’re using the Roller Costar as a way to learn about the Laws of Momentum, and circular motion, and potentially projectile  motion.


Team Awesome Quad (Week 4)

This week we’re still waiting for our order of stuff to come in. While we’re waiting, we decided to return to Trevor’s childhood and learned to build a 6 foot tall Double Ferris Wheel. Here are some pictures of our progress:



Then we found out that digging through the giant tub was not productive so we did this…


After today, we have turned that pile of toys into…



The reason that we thought this would be a good side project in order to study circular physics, and the laws of momentum.