Faraday Cages and Electromagnetic Pulses


This little aluminum box is actually an ingenious contraption and one of the only things capable of protecting electronics from an Electro Magnetic Pulse!!
Now don’t rush out and buy a bunch of aluminum to coat your house, this is just a proof of concept. The concept of a faraday cage is an enclosing conductive material redirecting aforementioned EMP along the surface of the cage and safely around the object/s inside.


Making a guitar

Throughout this week we have designed a guitar and plan on starting the building process next week. Our shop teacher mr. Grimsley is letting us use some scrap wood he has laying around. Next weeks blog we will fill in the missing details and let you know what our processmismwithnsome pictures.


Analyzing video

This was a fast week for our group. We got most of the 11 done. It took some time for us too see and find all the points in the videos. In the video we have seen in slow motion is Ollies golf swings, tee height and last but not least batting. As a group we have also made some Plans to start the next steps of gathering the results and putting them into our conclusion. Are plan is to be done with this project by the end of the mounts. If we accomplish this goal we would have completed 3 projects with in a mount.


Circuits, magnets, and electronics

This week, since the piano stairs project seemed to come to a stand still, we have begun to mess around with electrical circuits and creating magnets using copper wire, nails, and batteries.  So far we have created a weak magnet, and we made a doorbell similar to the one on the door in Mr. Ludwig’s classroom.  Our next project is probably going to be a compressed air air soft gun that we are gonna make out of a plastic bottle. 


Emotions and Colors in Chords

After receiving three responses, I can almost see a correlation but there are a few contrasts. This goes to show that although some chords may produce the same feeling for different audiences, everyone hears a chord in their own way and their own memories and experiences may apply to them. However for a few chords like the D chord, there was a slight similarity. I noticed on all three responses, the feelings given were more likely peaceful. This may be because of the D chords so called light tone. With the C chord, all three responses seemed to focus more on a particular event or activity. As for the G chord, it was the first time answers varied. They ranged from a happier feel, to sadder thoughts, to attending an old western show. The E Major chord yet again showed similar results, with all responses saying the colors seen were rather darker colors. As for the rest of the chords, the answers varied greatly, but with all of this information we can draw one conclusion for certain. Although each individual chord has its own natural and unique qualities, a persons reaction to each of these chords depends greatly upon what they have experience and even possibly what they WANT to hear. If you don’t want this chord to sound deep and dark, you can mentally adjust how it sounds to you in a matter of seconds. All it takes is a good ear and an unending drive to live and cherish music.
This week we also made some good starting strides in our projects. We got several different videos of Ollies. We have also pin pointed the force and physics into an Ollie. Later on this week we got some good videos on tee height And how the tee height effects the ball in air. We also put the points on the ball and how the ball is effected in the air. This is just the start of the project in the past week we have taken the project in a good direction and plan and and intend to take this even further next week.


Building a rocket

I Cruz medina started and am mostly finished with the building of a model rocket


The model is made up of mostly cardboard, string and thin paper to keep it together I have use glue tape and strings. It has the potential to be lifted into the air and land safely back to earth

Tools: tape, glue, razor blade,straws



Yes, you read correctly! I have officially completed my mobile.  It took weeks of planning and about 20 minutes to get it hung up! Here is a picture of it!

photo (4)

It slowly spins in a circle and I am amazingly proud of it. The big circular molecule is benzine. The second one down is propane and the last ones are water and formaldehyde. And, that is that.  I had originally planned to have some more layers, but the weight ended up not really working out that way! Either way I am proud of it, and will now be moving on to my next project.